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We are starting to use the official MediaWiki Translate extension for translating page contents. I recommend focusing primarily on the Install Guide for translation, and only moving on to other things once the Install Guide translation is 100% complete.

Section-by-Section Install Guide Translation

To translate the Install Guide, start with the section-by-section format and choose "Translate this page", and work through it a section at a time.

Also note that you can go to [1] to translate special user interface text we use like "Chapter", "Install Guide", "Tip", "Important", etc.

All-in-One (One Page) Install Guide

Once the section-by-section Install Guide is translated, it is possible to create a copy of The contents of the all-in-one-page Installation Guide -- click here to view it and click "Edit". Create your copy at "Install/languagecode" and paste the contents. Update minor things like the title but the calls to translated_subpage can remain the same.

Next, good pages to translate are the ZFS, Btrfs and other pages in the Category:Official Documentation category. If you need more pages to translate, you can send me an email (either direct, or even better, go to User:Drobbins and then in the left-hand "Tools" section you will see an option to "Email this User" which you can use to send me a notification inside MediaWiki. I will then mark new pages for translation.

Navigation Buttons

The section-by-section Install Guide has a blue navigation section which is used to navigate to the previous or next section. Here's how it works for translated pages. If you are on a translated section, and you want to go to the "next" section, and a translated section for the next section exists, then the link will point to the next translated page. But, if the translated version of the next page doesn't exist, then you will get linked to the English version of the section. Once you are in an English version of the section, you have been "de-railed" into the English document and the navigation will not "jump back" into your translated sections. But this allows users who are using your incomplete translated documentation to at least start reading the translated version, and click through to the end of the documentation without having any missing pages.

Once all sections exist in the translated language, then the "next" and "prev" links will stay in your translated sections, and the user will only go back to English if they select the English translation from the languages area.