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安裝教學 : 下載LiveCD

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要安裝Funtoo Linux,首先你需要一個Linux的Live CD或是隨身碟來啟動你的電腦。我們推薦Gentoo系的System Rescue CD ,因為它附有很多工具而且同時支援32和64位元的系統。你可以將它燒錄進CD/DVD或是安裝在隨身碟裡。在這裡可以下載他們:


沒有畫面: 在使用UEFI開機時System Rescue CD 可能沒有正確初始化顯示卡 (參閱 FL-2030) 如果碰到這種情況,在System Rescue CD啟動進入GRUB目錄時按下 e 編輯GRUB啟動項目並加入insmod all_video 然後重新啟動。 這個Bug已經回報給System Rescue CD的開發者了。


如果你正在使用舊版本的System Rescue CD, 欲安裝64位元的系統,請確認你在啟動時選擇了rescue64 的內核,System Rescue CD在預設的情況下會以32位元模式啟動,但在最新的版本中 系統會嘗試自動偵測64位元的處理器。


如果你已經成功啟動System Rescue CD務必確認是否已經連上網路,因為安裝Funtoo Linux必須要用到網路。

root # ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=30.1 ms

如果你成功的ping通了(看到64 bytes的訊息)這代表你成功的連上了網路,按Control-C來停下ping程序。

如果你需要使用Wifi連接網路,使用 nmtui 這個命令列工具ː

root # nmtui

Remote Install

Alternatively, you can log into System Rescue CD over the network via SSH to perform the install from another computer, and this may be more convenient way to install Funtoo Linux.

If you'd like to complete the install remotely, here's how. First, you will need to ensure that System Rescue CD has a functioning network connection. Then, you will need to set a root password for System Rescue CD:

root # passwd
New password: ********
Retype new password: ********
passwd: password updated successfully

Once you have typed in a password, you will now need to determine the IP address of System Rescue CD, and then you can use ssh to connect to it. To determine the IP address currently being used by System Rescue CD, type ifconfig:

root # ifconfig

Alternatively, determining of an IP address is possible with iproute2 ip tool:

root # ip addr show

One of the interfaces should have an IP address (listed as inet addr:) from your LAN. You can then connect remotely, from another system on your LAN, to System Rescue CD, and perform steps from the comfort of an existing OS. On your remote system, type the following, replacing with the IP address of System Rescue CD. Connecting from an existing Linux or MacOS system would look something like this:

(remote system) $ ssh root@
Password: **********

If you'd like to connect remotely from an existing Microsoft Windows system, you'll need to download an SSH client for Windows, such as PuTTY.

After you've logged in via SSH, you're now connected remotely to System Rescue CD and can perform the installation steps.