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安裝教學 : 介紹

root # 歡迎使用Funtoo Linux!

這份教學能幫助你在PC相容系統上以最簡單的步驟安裝Funtoo Linux。

如果你有Gentoo Linux的安裝經驗,你可能會對安裝流程感到十分熟悉,但是因為兩者之間仍有許多不同,所以還是建議你閱讀整份文件。如果你是第一次安裝Gentoo系發行版或甚至是第一次接觸Linux,我們都非常歡迎你的加入,我們會盡量讓純新手也能看懂這份教學。

Before we get started, please review the following important information:

Current Release
The current release of Funtoo Linux is 1.4, sometimes referred to as 1.4-release or 1.4-release-std. 1.4 is not an LTS ("Long Term Stable") release but the upgrade to 2.x LTS should be quite seamless so this version is generally recommended over 1.3 for long-term production deployment.
Development Model
Funtoo Linux is a community-developed Linux meta-distribution. If you use Funtoo Linux, you are welcome to contribute to its development via without going through any special procedure or complicated approval process. See Development Guide for more information on how to contribute to Funtoo. We also have YouTube video tutorials to help you get started.
Documentation Styles
We now offer the ability to read and browse the Install Guide section-by-section. Online users may find this more convenient.
Release Notes
To familiarize yourself with the latest changes in Funtoo Linux, Release Notes for Funtoo Linux 1.4 are available.
Upgrade Instructions
If upgrading from Funtoo Linux 1.3 or earlier, please consult Funtoo Linux 1.4 Upgrade Instructions.
AWS Images
We now offer direct deployment of Funtoo Linux in Amazon Web Services. This is a useful option for those who wish to take advantage of AWS or deploy Funtoo Linux automatically. A tutorial-style guide on how to use AWS with Funtoo is available.
Running Steam
We have recently released official Steam Docker images that are supported by Funtoo and are the officially-supported way to run Steam on Funtoo.
LXD container management as well as Docker is officially supported. Please see Chroot and Containers for an incomplete but growing list of container technologies available, along with links to further documentation.
New Fchroot Tool
Our new fchroot tool is now available to allow you to run ARM and RISCV environments on PC-compatible hardware. This is a very effective tool for accelerating building of large pieces of software on resource-constrained ARM systems. See the page, Frankenchroot and Frankenchroot/Live_NFS_Frankenchroot for set-up information.

Now that we've covered all that important information, it's time to get started installing Funtoo Linux!


我們現在提供了單一頁面的版本 給需要影印的使用者

Installation Overview


  1. 下載與啟動LiveCD
  2. 設定硬碟
  3. MBR分割
  4. GPT分割
  5. 建立掛載檔案系統
  6. 設定日期
  7. 下載 Stage 3安裝包
  8. Chroot進入新系統
  9. 下載Portage樹
  10. 設定你的系統
  11. Portage簡介
  12. 安裝Kernel
  13. 安裝Bootloader
  14. 設定網路
  15. 完成最後的步驟
  16. 個人化設定
  17. 全都完成了,享受你的新系統吧!
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