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Руководство по установке: Установка ядра.

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Funtoo Linux stage3 включает в себя заранее собранное debian-sources ядро для быстрой и простой установки. Чтобы увидеть, какая версия ядра предустановлена, введите:

(chroot) # emerge -s debian-sources-lts
[ Results for search key : debian-sources-lts ]
[ Applications found : 1 ]

<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
*  sys-kernel/debian-sources
      Latest version available: 4.9.130
      Latest version installed: 4.9.130
      Size of files: 95,022 kB
      Description:   Debian Sources (and optional binary kernel)
      License:       GPL-2


At this point it is wise to emerge the latest sys-kernel/linux-firmware package, because various drivers rely on firmware blobs and instructions. Hardware like Wi-Fi cards, graphic cards, network cards, and others will not work properly or at all if firmware is not available. If using the stage3 image, perform the following to install it. linux-firmware will be already installed if using the gnome image:

chroot # emerge -av linux-firmware
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