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Install Media

Most any live or minimal install media iso images can install funtoo. Funtoo suggests sysrescuecd. Images may be burned to cd, or loaded on a usb thumb drive by either dd or unetbootin. Unetbootin has linux, windows, and mac binaries so anyone can install funtoo from live usb media.

distroguiuefi supportunetbootin supportarchitecture specificnotes
Sysrescuecdyesyesnonorecommended media
Ubuntuyesunknownyesyesmust download specific architecture
Debianyesunknownyesyesmust download specific architecture
Gentoo minimal installnounknownprobablyyesmust download specific architecture

i Threesixes (talk) suggest we target top 10 distros live media setups.... not sure if there is a unetbootin page or not