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This is a template that is used as part of the Installation instructions which covers: uma visão geral inicial do processo de instalação, tão em quanto instruções de download do LiveCD e de boot. Templates are being used to allow multiple variant install guides that use most of the same re-usable parts.

Visão geral da instalação

Essa é uma básica visão geral do processo de instalação do Funtoo:

  1. Download e boot o live CD da sua escolha.
  2. Prepare seu disco.
  3. Crie e monte os filesystems.
  4. Install the Funtoo stage tarball of your choice.
  5. Chroot into your new system.
  6. Download the Portage tree.
  7. Configure your system and network.
  8. Install a kernel.
  9. Install a bootloader.
  10. Complete final steps.
  11. Reboot and enjoy.

Live CD

Funtoo doesn't provide an "official" Funtoo Live CD. We recommend using the Gentoo-based System Rescue CD as it contains lots of tools and utilities and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Download it here:


If using an older version of System Rescue CD, be sure to select the rescue64 kernel at the boot menu if you are installing a 64-bit system. By default, System Rescue CD used to boot in 32-bit mode though the latest version attempts to automatically detect 64-bit processors.