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Welcome to Funtoo Linux

Getting Started

Install Funtoo

Create a Funtoo account, which allows you to get involved with the community. Log in to the wiki, forums, and bug tracker under the same username, and password by unified logins. See the Auth FAQ & General FAQ.

Report bugs, and suggest improvements to our bug tracker. We take all bugs seriously, and all work performed is tracked on our public bug tracker, for purposes of transparency. See the Funtoo Linux FAQ.

Funtoo Linux is a rolling-release Linux meta-distribution for x86 and ARM systems. It uses Portage as a package manager, and is run by Daniel Robbins, creator of Gentoo Linux. It is a continuation of Daniel's work on Gentoo Linux. Funtoo Linux is committed to software freedom, independence, and a user-centric model of software development, where our users help define the future direction of the project.

Our goal is to provide a best-of-breed Gentoo-based meta-distribution that is ideal for desktop and servers, and to progressively improve our core technology in thoughtful and innovative ways, while respecting Gentoo design principles, and the history of Unix and Linux.

Funtoo Linux provides optimized builds for your specific hardware to ensure the best possible performance, and offers the following features:

  • A completely systemd-free system, including GNOME 3.14 without systemd.
  • A new profile system to simplify system configuration.
  • Improved ease of install with pre-built Debian kernel provided in our install image.
  • A new system configuration tool, ego.
  • An advanced build and quality assurance tool called Metro, providing optimized install images and enhanced real-world testing.
  • The use of git as a default mechanism for getting updated ebuilds (build scripts) to you.
  • Modular networking scripts to simplify creating sophisticated server network configurations.
  • Enhanced Python support from the Progress overlay, and inclusion of other popular packages from the Gentoo ecosystem.


Ego-2.2.0 Released

2017-10-18 by

Latest Innovations

This news item documents the latest innovations now available under Funtoo Linux.
2017-09-07 by Drobbins

Official Projects


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