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The mdadm tool manages MD devices, aka Linux Software RAID
== Installation ==
###i## emerge mdadm
However, in most cases the package is pulled in during the kernel installation as a dependency when a RAID is present.
== Configuration ==
Configuring mdadm is done via the {{f|/etc/mdadm.conf}} file. By default, after installation this file is entirely commented out. One may remove the comment hash <code>#</code> in front of the line that most suits the RAID in use and alter the line to point to the correct devices, or add a new line, based on the examples given.
{{tip|If you're upgrading an existing system to Funtoo, backup the existing <code>/etc/mdadm.conf</code> file to a secure location and copy it back prior to rebooting into the new install.}}
{{tip|mdadm can be very tricky to administer for novices. Install [[Webmin]] and use its webinterface to create and use a new RAID.}}

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