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Ego-2.2.0 Released

Ego 2.2.0 released - see this link for more info.
2017-10-18 by Drobbins

Latest Innovations

This news item documents the latest innovations now available under Funtoo Linux.
2017-09-07 by Drobbins
2017-08-25 by Oleg

Kits Are Go (And Ego Needs a Manual Bump)

An update on kits and how to manually update to ego-1.1.3-r3 (required steps for some)
2017-08-17 by Drobbins

Kits are Go (Switch to Them!)

Kits are now the official way we do things at Funtoo.
2017-07-31 by Drobbins

Funtoo-Stable Going Away

As we move towards the next generation of Funtoo Linux, funtoo-stable is being retired.
2017-07-11 by Drobbins

New Ports-2017 tree and Kits

Funtoo has a new meta-repo tree, and introducing kits! (BETA)
2017-03-27 by Drobbins

Xorg and other Updates

Xorg and other Updates
2017-02-05 by Oleg

Kde4 to Plasma5 migration

Migration to Plasma 5
2017-02-02 by Oleg

Funtoo Services available thru BreezyOps

Funtoo Linux support and consulting services are now available from BreezyOps.
2017-01-30 by Drobbins

New Squeezelite Ebuild

Squeezelite streams audio from Logitech Media Server, supporting FLAC, MP3, and hi-res DSD (SACD) formats.
2017-01-06 by Drobbins

New Raspberry Pi and ODROID builds

We now have builds that are optimized for various Raspberry Pi and ODROID systems.
2017-01-02 by Drobbins

LLVM Targets

LLVM Targets
2016-12-08 by Oleg

GCC Update

GCC Update
2016-11-25 by Oleg

Portage Git Sync Fix

Portage Git Sync fix
2016-11-14 by Oleg


Python-3.3 Removal from Portage Tree
2016-10-28 by Oleg

Perl Update

Perl Update and Kernel Update.
2016-10-22 by Oleg

ZFS Status Update

ZFS Status Update
2016-10-18 by Oleg

Selinux Support

Selinux Support
2016-09-20 by Oleg

Gnome-3.20 Update

Gnome-3.20 Update
2016-08-17 by Oleg
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