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Fchroot 0.4.0 (codename "Mole Man") is a regular release which was released on 20 May 2022.


The 0.4.0 release of fchroot has a number of significant improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Native x86-64bit fchroot now functions, which means that on a 64-bit PC, you can use fchroot to enter a 64-bit PC environment. fchroot will detect that the environment is native and skip the step of enabling QEMU, and simply use regular chroot to enter the environment. All other functionality, such as management of bind-mounts (see below) are still enabled.
  • New --nobind option to disable bind-mounting entirely.
  • New --bind=src:dest option to specify additional bind mounts for fchroot to manage (i.e. both mount and unmount when done.) "src" is an absolute path to something you want to bind-mount, and "dest" is where in the chroot environment it should be mounted. This must be a directory and must exist, and currently, these mounts are done non-recursively (unlike default bind-mounts of /proc, /sys, /dev.
  • New --debug option to enable additional debug output.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • fchroot-simple, a variant fchroot command used by Metro, has been removed.
  • FL-9849 - lazy unmounting now used.
  • Code no longer assumes TERM environment variable is defined.