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Layman is an "overlay" external repository management tool.


root # emerge layman

Using Layman

Fetch, and display a list of overlays:

root # layman -L

Add an overlay to your system:

root # layman -a <overlay name>

In earlier versions, it was necessary to add source /var/lib/layman/make.conf to make.conf. This is not needed anymore, portage will pickup the overlay automatically.

Delete an overlay from your system:

root # layman -d <overlay name>

Masking Overlay Packages

Overlays have the power to override distro packages. To avoid conflicts, mask everything in the overlay, and unmask the packages that are necessary to your system.

   /etc/portage/package.mask - mask all packages in an overlay
   /etc/portage/package.unmask - unmask packages to be used


Sync a specific overlays ebuilds:

root # layman -s <overlay name>

Sync all overlays:

root # layman -S

Sync all overlays via eix:

root # eix-sync


Problem: Warning: an installed db file was not found at: ['/var/lib/layman/cache***.xml']


root # layman -L