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ODHCPloc is a package to locate unauthorized dhcp servers.


root # emerge net-analyzer/odhcploc


change the ip from to your ip:

root # odhcploc -c 3
03:57:37 (IP)     OFFER     (S)         ***
03:57:55 (IP)     OFFER     (S)         ***

This does not insert the users ip into the dhcp client table.

example pulled from odhcploc website:

root # odhcploc -v
22:21:15 (S)         ***
Message type: 2 Boot reply
Hardware type: 1
Hardware addr len: 6
Hops: 0
Transaction ID: 0x00000000
Seconds elapsed: 0
Flags: 0x0000
Client IP address:
Your (client) IP address:
Next server IP address:
Relay agent IP address:
Client MAC address: 31:32:33:34:35:36
Server host name not given
Boot file name not given
Valid magic cookie
Option(t= 53, l=  1): DHCP Message Type - DHCP Offer
Option(t= 54, l=  4): Server Identifier -
Option(t= 51, l=  4): IP Address Lease Time - 86400
Option(t=  1, l=  4): Subnet Mask -
Option(t=  3, l=  4): Router Option -
Option(t= 15, l= 22): Domain Name -
Option(t=  6, l=  8): Domain Name Server Option -
Option(t=255): End Option