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Simple DirectMedia Layer


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Simple DirectMedia Layer is commonly referred to by its acronym sdl. There are two versions of the sdl libraries commonly used: sdl and sdl2. The distinction is all libraries pre-version 2.0 are sdl while post-version 2.0 are sdl2. Version in this case is important as post-2.0 release involved a major changed to the SDL code base with non-backwards compatible changes to its API.

sdl (pre-2.0) is considered outdated and new development with sdl is discouraged. Components of sdl and sdl2 cannot be intermixed.

This page covers sdl2 only.


Applications may only require the presence of the core sdl2 library. For this, executing below should be sufficient:

root #  emerge media-libs/libsdl2


Some game applications may also require additional SDL2 component libraries below:

SDL2-GFXGraphics drawing primitives library for SDL2
SDL2-ImageImage file loading library
SDL2-MixerAudio and sound mixing functionality
SDL2-NetNetworking support
SDL2-TTFTrue Type Font handling functions

These subsystems can be installed, libsdl2 is pulled in as a dependency, by executing the following:

root #  emerge media-libs/sdl2-gfx media-libs/sdl2-image media-libs/sdl2-mixer media-libs/sdl2-net media-libs/sdl2-ttf

or more simply using shell brace expansion:

root #  emerge media-libs/sdl2-{gfx,image,mixer,net,ttf}

Further Reading

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