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Core parts

Kits system changes

Addition of new kits, such as core-server-kit and core-ui-kit and reorganization of package-sets, that forms a list of ebuilds in a kit, accordingly.

The kits in meta-repo are based on a 13 November 2018 snapshot of Gentoo Linux. Unlike Funtoo Linux 1.2, all kits are frozen and 1.3 will serve as a "long term stable" (LTS) release of Funtoo Linux. This was done to prevent unpredictable dependency breakage due to upstream changes that would apply to some kits but not others. Funtoo Linux will continue to follow a "snapshot" true release process so that we can focus our efforts on developing new features rather than using the majority of our limited resources to keep diverging kits in sync.

The move to a "snapshot" model has allowed us to move forward on a variety of fronts:

  • xorg-kit is now fully forked from Gentoo, and is based around xorg-server 1.20.
  • gnome-kit is fully forked from Gentoo and now offers a reliable GNOME 3.30 experience without systemd.
  • Wayland support has been integrated into Funtoo Linux and is available via the wayland mix-in, and is enabled for kde-plasma-5 by default (see below.)
  • kde-kit now delivers an updated KDE Plasma 5 experience that, like GNOME 3.30, uses elogind but not systemd.
  • app-admin/ego-2.7.2 includes many bug fixes. boot-update, Funtoo's official boot loader tool, has now been fully integrated into ego as ego boot.

Toolchain package updates

Notice, that gcc-7 has no official support for -march=skylake, stage3 builds now changed to use -march=broadwell. This is fixed in gcc-8 and will be part of 1.4-release (

  • binutils-2.31.1
  • sys-libs/glibc-2.27
  • gcc-config-2.0

Other core updates

  • Default kernel changed from debian-sources to debian-sources-lts, which is tested to be better with container support such as LXD. It is an LTS kernel based on 4.9 branch, maintained by Debian. This is the kernel you will find in stage3, when doing your installation of Funtoo Linux
  • sys-apps/openrc updated to version 0.40.2
  • dev-lang/perl updated to version 5.26
  • python-3.6 is still a default version in 1.3-release due to python-3.7 incomplete support in many ebuilds.

Deprecation of multilib support

Funtoo profiles now changed to be pure64 (also known as no-multilib). stage3 builds that building with 1.3-release are pure64 by default. For 32-bit applications, such as wine and steam please, follow: An alternative way of using 32-bit environment with LXD containers is under development, to be announced (

Desktop parts

gnome-3.30 update

kde-plasma update

Kde now updated to version 5.14.3. Important change is that QT core ebuilds, which can be found under dev-qt/* category now belong to special core-ui-kit


kde-plasma-5 profile now also inherits the gnome mix-in.

xfce update

Xfce-4.13 updates available. xfce-kit had minor package set changes, for example ebuilds that was previously in other kits, now belong to xfce-kit, as well as other minor issues fixes (

Multimedia fixes

gfxcard-nvidia mix-in created for better default USE settings for users with nvidia cards. nvidia-drivers now has uvm is enabled by default ( Number of fixes for video editing software included, such as media-libs/mlt, media-video/shotcut new media-video/flowblade ebuild added.

Security fixes

For reported problems that are required for 1.3-release since a freezing of tree happened.