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Updated Chuse doc for version 1.1
== Installation ==
Chuse is available from the [{{console|body=###i## emerge -av app-portage/apinsard/sapher-overlay sapher overlay].chuse}}
Once The latest version (1.1) requires {{c|dev-python/appi}} which is still in experimental development state. If you have added wish to avoid this overlay through layman or whateverdependency, just emerge you can mask {{c|>=app-portage/chuse-1.1}}and use version 1.0 which should still be supported a while.
{{console|body=###i## echo '>=app-portage/chuse-1.1' >> /etc/portage/package.mask###i## emerge -av app-portage/chuse}} Major changes brought by 1.1 are : - Check if ebuilds matching the given atom exist- Allow to omit the package category if it is not ambiguous- Configuration of the "package.use file pattern" in {{c|/etc/chuse.conf}}rather than environment variable- Coloration of useflags == Configuration ==
By default, {{c|chuse}} uses the following hierarchy pattern: {{c|/etc/portage/package.use/<cat-name>/<pkg-name>}}
This Any file would matching this pattern should contain each the rules for the package ''<pkg-name>'' in from the category ''<cat-name>''.
=== If you don't use this hierarchy pattern ===
{{file|name=~/.bashrc|desc=PACKAGE_USE_FILE_PATTERN examples|body=
PACKAGE_USE_FILE_PATTERN="/etc/portage/package.use" # All in one file
PACKAGE_USE_FILE_PATTERN="/etc/portage/package.use/%({cat)s}" # One file per categoryPACKAGE_USE_FILE_PATTERN="/etc/portage/package.use/%({cat)s}/%({pkg)s}" # This is the default
PACKAGE_USE_FILE_PATTERN="/etc/portage/package.use/chuse" # One file dedicated to chuse
{{c|%({cat)s} }} and {{c|%({pkg)s} }} would be respectively replaced by the category name and the package name of
the atom you want to alter USE flags.
Since version 1.1, you can now configure this in {{c|/etc/chuse.conf}} which may be more convenient:
file-pattern = /etc/portage/package.use/{cat}
==== If you want to adopt this hierarchy pattern ====
== Usage ==
  chuse [-f|--force] <atom> [[modifier]<flag> ...] [(--because|#) <reason>] Alter use flags. By default, if the given atom doesn't match any existing ebuild, an error will be raised. Use -f/--force option to disable this behavior. If no flag is specified, the current rules matching the underlying atom will be displayed. chuse <atom> Print current flags set and history. chuse (-h|--help) Print this help.chuse (-v|--version) Print version information. chuse --dump Print all contents of /etc/portage/package.use chuse --load <file> Load a backup file to the /etc/portage/package.use hierarchy. 
[version-selector]<ebuild-cat>/<ebuild-pkg>[-<version>][:<slot>] Obviously 'version-selector' and 'version' should never be set without the other. version-selector: One of : "=", ">", "<", ">=", "<=". ebuild-cat: An ebuild category (validity won't be checked). ebuild-pkg: An ebuild package (validity won't be checked). version: A version of the underlying package (validity won't be checked). slot: A slot of the underlying valid package (validity won't be checkedatom.
One of : "+", "-", "%" . (% means reset default). If omitted, "+" is assumed.
A USE flag (validity won't be checked).
The reason why you changed these USE US flags (so that you remember why you set this and if now you can reset default in the future for instance).
If no flag is specified, this will display the current rules matching the underlying atom.
== Examples ==

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