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Package:Radeon Video Drivers

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Notice, that you need to choose either firmware package.
=== Installing the firmware into the kernel ===
Normally, when <code>radeon</code> compiled as module, during boot kernel will automatically load required firmware by using built-in firmware-loader. In specific case, when radeon drivers are compiled into kernel rather than a module, it make sense to compile firmware into kernel as well. To perform this steps, make sure that <code>sys-linux/linux-firmware</code> is emerged as shown above. Then, use following kernel configuration for including firmware blobs:{{SectionNeedsUpdateskernelop|title= |desc=Device Drivers ---> <*> Generic Driver Options---> -*- Userspace firmware loading support ---> [*] Include in-kernel firmware blobs in kernel binary (radeon/<YOUR-MODEL-NAME>.bin) (/lib/firmware) Firmware blobs root directory }}Until this section has been fixedWhere, you<code>YOUR-MODEL-NAME>.bin</code> is exact name of your video card'll find help at http:s firmware blob name, such as <code>TURKS_me.bin<//wikicode>
=== Eliminating screen tearing ===