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Changing VIDEO_CARDS Settings
When changing {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} settings, either directly by modifying {{c|/etc/make.conf}} or by use of a mix-in, it is important to perform a deep update of your system and ensure that X is configured correctly for your new settings. At the minimum, this generally involves performing an {{c|emerge -auDN @world}}. You will likely notice a rebuild of {{c|media-libs/mesa}} and perhaps {{c|x11-libs/libdrm}}.
{{Important|It's generally best to use the mix-ins listed below to manage graphics settings, rather than modifying {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} directly! These five mix-ins will work for 99% of Funtoo Linux users!}}
The following mix-ins are available for your use, and support can be enabled as follows, assuming you have either {{c|x11-base/xorg-server}} or {{c|x11-base/xorg-drivers}} already installed on your system:
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