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Next, edit {{c|/etc/boot.conf}} using {{c|nano}} and specify "{{c|Funtoo Linux genkernel}}" as the {{c|default}} setting at the top of the file, replacing {{c|"Funtoo Linux"}}.
=== boot.conf Configuration ===
==== NVIDIA Graphics Card Users ====
If you have NVIDIA graphics and plan to set up a graphical environment, you have a couple of choices when it comes to graphics drivers -- the proprietary NVIDIA drivers provided by NVIDIA corporation itself, or the Open Source Nouveau drivers. If you don't know which to choose, we recommend starting with the proprietary NVIDIA drivers first for optimal performance on a wider range of hardware.
;If using Nouveau: {{c|nomodeset}} should be ''should be removed'' as explained in the '''Other Graphics Cards''' section below.
==== Other Graphics Cards ====
Most users, particularly those who plan on setting up a graphical environment, will want to eventually remove {{c|nomodeset}} from {{c|params}} in {{f|/etc/make.conf}}. {{c|nomodeset}} prevents the kernel from changing graphics modes at boot.
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