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Install Guide: Bootloader
=== boot.conf Configuration ===
Next, edit {{c|/etc/boot.conf}} using {{c|nano}} and specify "{{c|Funtoo Linux genkernel}}" as the {{c|default}} setting at the top of the file, replacing {{c|"Funtoo Linux"}}.
=== boot.conf Configuration ===
==== NVIDIA Graphics Card Users ====
==== Other Graphics Cards ====
Most users, particularly those who plan on setting up a graphical environment, will want to eventually remove {{c|nomodeset}} from {{c|params}} in {{f|/etc/make.conf}}. {{c|nomodeset}} prevents the kernel from changing graphics modes at boot.   This option is in {{c|/etc/boot.conf}} by default for a couple of good reasons:
* '''For users with HiDPI (4K+) displays''': when the kernel automatically changes graphics modes, the console font can be tiny and unreadable.
* '''For users with incompatible graphics cards''': Some graphics cards don't handle mode setting properly and this can result in a blank screen after reboot.
Disabling mode setting is therefore a good, safe option for initial installs of Funtoo Linux, but most users will ''want to remove this option. ''
However, This is because essentially all graphics drivers (the big exception being the proprietary NVIDIA drivers) ''require'' mode setting to be enabled. So while {{c|nomodeset}} is a good option to get the initial system up and running, most users ''will need to remove it'', run {{c|ego boot update}} and reboot before they set up X or Wayland. Otherwise, X will not be able to initialize the display.
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