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==== Network Access ==== <!--T:4-->
<!--T:5-->Once you have booted For steps on setting up network access from the Area31 Funtoo LiveCD, please see if you have Internet access. Internet access is required for installing Funtoo Linux: <!--T:6-->the {{console|body=# ##i##ping ( 56(84) bytes of data.64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=30.1 msLiveCD}} <!--T:7-->If the ping is successful (you see <code>64 bytes</code> messages as above,) then your Network is set uppage. Hit Control-C to stop the ping.  <!--T:8-->If you need to set up a WiFi connection for Internet access, then this can be accomplished using the {{c|nmtui}} command-line tool: <!--T:9-->{{console|body=# ##i##nmtui}}</translate><translate>
==== Remote Install ==== <!--T:10-->
Alternatively, you can log into Area31 Funtoo LiveCD your bootable environment over the network via SSH to perform the install from another computer, and this may be more convenient way to install Funtoo Linux.
If you'd like to complete the install remotely, here's how. First, you will need to ensure that the Area31 LiveCD your bootable CD/USB image has a functioning network connection. Then, you will need to set a root password for the Area31 Funtoo LiveCD:
Once you have typed in a password, you will now need to determine the IP address of the LiveCDbootable system, and then you can use {{c|ssh}} to connect to it. To determine the IP address currently being used by the LiveCD, type {{c|ifconfig}}:
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