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UEFI Install Guide

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Installing GRUB
A more detailed explanation of the flags used in the above command:
* ''<code>--target=x86_64-efi'' </code>: Tells GRUB that we want to install it in a way that allows it to boot in UEFI* ''<code>--efi-directory=/boot'' </code>: All GRUB UEFI files will be installed in ''/boot''* ''<code>--bootloader-id="Funtoo Linux [GRUB]"'' </code>: This flag is not necessary for GRUB to boot. However, it allows you to change the text of the boot option in the UEFI BIOS. The stuff in the quotes can be set to anything that you would like. * ''<code>--recheck'' </code>: If a device map already exists on the disk or partition that GRUB is being installed on, it will be removed.* ''<code>/dev/sda'' </code>:The device that we are installing GRUB on.
=== Configuring GRUB ===

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