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::Oh that's right, thanks. Maybe this could be good to add in the page, dear BDFL :P -- [[User:Pytony|Pytony]] ([[User talk:Pytony|talk]])
:::I really think we need a section explaining NOT to edit for W to w or category changes ONLY.... this is really a shortcoming in mediawiki not detecting "stub edits" and moving them out of the primary logs. this morning looking at the changes i see all these tiny commits, with out content being rolled in also. in all reality minor edits is poorly designed in the base web app and should be bug reported upstream. it should be include minor edits, rather than exclude minor edits..... [[User:Threesixes|Threesixes]] ([[User talk:Threesixes|talk]]) 01:28, 4 October 2014 (UTC)
== video playlists ==
i have several examples of how to embed playlists in [[Programming]] but there are no examples in how to wiki. im moving some of these issues to upstreams bug tracker.... the - links & stub edits are really problems upstream should be dealing with.
== how to talk pages ==