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  • ##g##License:##!g## GPL-2 ...]] para informações de como usar o sistema de configurações baseado em templates do Funtoo Linux.
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  • ...ovides a free download of the ISO DVD image, but this does require a valid license key for installation. You can download the ISO at the following location: {{fancynote|Windows 10 is a free download but requires a valid license key for installation.}}
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  • | OpenVZ Templates for PC-Compatible Systems [use option "-l" for license info, "-h" for help]
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  • ...ctory that contains various network configuration templates. Each of these templates is focused on configuring a particular type of network interface, such as a ...|ipaddrs}} variables are supported by the {{c|interface}} and {{c|bridge}} templates, and are used to specify a single or multiple IPv4 or IPv6 address(es) for
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