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This page lists all organizations that support Funtoo Linux in one way or another.



Atlassian sponsors Funtoo Linux by providing complementary use of Jira, Atlassian's excellent bug tracker that powers bugs.funtoo.org. Jira is a huge asset for Funtoo Linux development, allowing us to be responsive to your needs, run our agile development process, and keep everyone informed about what's going on in developer-land. I (Daniel Robbins) am a big fan of Jira. It continues to impress as it gets better every year.


Cdn77 logo.png

CDN77 sponsors Funtoo Linux by providing CDN services to the Funtoo Linux user community, accelerating stage3 downloads as well as all Funtoo distfiles on our fastpull mirror.

With 32 points-of-presence worldwide, support for the latest technologies like TLS 1.3, Brotli, HTTP/2 Server Push, and Let’s Encrypt, and a world-wide network that hits peak speeds of 2 terabits/sec daily, CDN77 is an excellent option when you need to accelerate delivery of your content to a world-wide audience. Their service is also incredibly easy to set up. I just pointed their CDN network to our master mirror, and we were in business -- fast downloads across the globe! Please be sure to take advantage of their 14-day free trial. Their speed speaks for itself every time you download a stage3 or funtoo distfile.



JetBrains sponsors Funtoo Linux by providing Funtoo Linux developers with complimentary access to its award winning development environments: PyCharm, PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA. With excellent git integration, plugin support, and real-time code inspections, JetBrains editors are an essential part of our development workflow. Please check them out and give one of their IDEs a spin. I think you'll quickly find that having quality tools makes your coding time more effective and fun.