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This template provides a way to mark other templates (or even itself...) as deprecated. This gives visibility on deprecated templates that must be updated while reading a page. The list of deprecated templates can be seen here. Then for each deprecated template you can check out Tools > Page information to list pages that include it.

DeprecatedTpl takes two optional arguments :

If set, the deprecation indicator will be designed inline, whatever the value. If not set, the deprecation indicator will be design as a block.
Indicates the name of the template to use instead, if any.


   Template:Fancynote - The fancynote template deprecated

An example of the fancynote if it had the deprecated template

Wiki Editors: This template is deprecated.
   Template:Fancynote - The fancynote template deprecated with inline display
<div class="note">
<div class="note-head"><i class="far fa-comment-alt"></i>   Note</div><div class="note-body">
<sup class="label label-warning" title="Wiki Editors: This template is deprecated." style="cursor:help">deprecated</sup>