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Thunar, XFCE's file manager's functionality can be extended by the installation of plugins. Plugins for Thunar allow for the opening and creation of archives and other helpful functions that do not come built-in to Thunar to be achieved with ease. Below is a list of the plugins provided for Thunar by the Funtoo portage tree.

Name of pluginDescription of plugin
thunar-archive-pluginArchive plug-in for the Thunar filemanager
thunar-media-tags-pluginAdds special features for media files to the Thunar File Manager
thunar-shares-pluginThunar plugin to share files using Samba
thunar-vcs-pluginAdds Subversion and GIT actions to the context menu of thunar

To install and use any of the above plugins, simply:

root # emerge <thunar plugin>

and restart Thunar.