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Ederbringhauen, Hessen, Germany

Mae Govannen randir

pedo mellon a minno (be greeted hiker)


studied Math and Chemstry for educational science, quite it without end in 2012. Normally I'm found online in jabber/xmpp network all the time. Next to it I hang around in #funtoo, #funtoo-quebec and some others not related to funtoo... After I quit my studies, I now started to work as a Trainee IT specialist system integration for the german internet name center. Now I started a trainee position as IT Specialist for System Integration at Denic eG on Aug 2013 and will finish it possibly in February 2015

History using Linux

I started my way to Linux by an advice of an teacher of mine with SuSE Linux 6.* stayed there until 9.0 and it was fun as long as you didn't update your system, this period hold for about 2 years, then I switched to debian and stayed there until Spring 2009, that was the time I gave Gentoo a try and it was fun at first to install it, but the war of releasing upgrades without a careful testing made it a hell and so I switched from gentoo to funtoo only after about a quarter year. Since then I stayed with funtoo.

History on Funtoo

using it since 2009 and beeing very happy with it, maintaining my private overlay with smaller ebuilds...

Collaboration on Open Source projects

working on some ConTeXt projects too, right now try to write an source ebuild for it...

Language Skills

I speak German as my native lang and learned English for 8 and French for 5 years at School. ATM I'm not really used to talk French any more as I hadn't had a opportunity to do so for the last years... So will give my best to also help our french users, feel free to ask. For places to meet me see at Biography...

Parts working on at the moment

  • working on flora, the Funtoo Linux Overlay for User Contribution
  • writing howto for nginx
  • writing howto for wpa_supplicant
  • writing an ebuild for ConTeXt-minimals source based, atm a low priority project...

Parts worked on

  • updated ebuild for dhcpcd-5.2.11
  • tested sandbox 2.5 with metro
  • starting to rewrite the quick install howto from Guy Fontaine to Funtoo_Quick_Install
  • update Funtoo install guide with quick install guide
  • writing guide for flora, the Funtoo Linux Overlay for User Contribution

About real life

$ man rl

rl(1)                             The Real Life                             rl(1)

       rl - reallife

       rl [ Options ]

       rl, short for reallife, refers to life in the real world.

       rl would mean that you have a life next to Funtoo, Linux or hacking,
       what wouldn't affect all the devs, except for a little offtime they take
       for regenerating their internal batteries. Therefore "rl" has several
       options that can be used to explain what to do in rl mode.

       The rl-mode can only be set in combination with a Geek or Hacker that you
       have in front of the computer screen.

       --eat, -e <MEAL> <TIME>
              Used to move the Geek or Hacker into the kitchen and let him prepare
              a meal specified by <MEAL> for the given daytime <TIME>, where <TIME>
              is in the form of mm/dd/yyyy-hh:mm. If <MEAL> and <TIME> isn't
              specified it means that the Geek/Hacker will grab the next phone,
              call the local Pizza or Doener delivery service and order a Pizza or
              Doener there, that he will consume as soon as it arrives.

       --weekend, -we
              moves the Geek or Hacker into a two day lasting weekend where he is
              normaly not available on the PC, but it might happen that he has a
              connection to the internet from his cell-phone, so better take it

       --suspend, --sleep, -s <TIME>
              moves the Geek or Hacker for <TIME> in seconds to sleep, if <TIME>
              isn't specified it defaults here to 10800 seconds what would be 3hrs.

       --drink, -d <DRINK> <AMOUNT> <TIME>
              so that the Geek or Hacker doesn't die, he also sometimes need to drink.
              this moves him to get <AMOUNT> of <DRINK> at <TIME>. If you specified
              <DRINK> it is necessary that you also specify the <AMOUNT> else the
              command is abborted. When the drinking should happen at a special time
              add <TIME> in format mm/dd/yyyy-hh:mm to the command. If you just use
              the drink-option it will default to <DRINK>=coffee or Jolt-coke
              depending on what the Geek or Hacker sees first and <AMOUNT>=2-3 cups
              or cans and <TIME>=now.

       --holiday, -away, -a <TIME>
              will move the Geek or Hacker away from the net for <TIME> and give him
              a recreational pause. He will come back after <TIME> to work with more
              power and even better ideas. <TIME> here is explicit needed and has to
              be given in format of days or weeks, so 14d will be equal to 2w.

       --social_contact, -sc <PERSON> or <GROUP>
              that moves the Geek or Hacker away from the PC for a short period where
              a <PERSON> or <GROUP> comes over to visit him or he needs to move to
              them. The period of time he is away can vary from several hours to some
              days, so be patient if this option is set.


  • mordor -- Homeserver (x86_64 architecture) ~funtoo
  • hobbigen -- Main PC (x86_64 architecture) ~funtoo
  • lorien -- Laptop (x86_64 architecture) ~funtoo HP Compaq 6820s (died 2011)
  • lorien -- Laptop (x86_64 architecture) ~funtoo Dell Vostro 6830
  • doriath -- rootserver (x86_64 architecture) ~funtoo Hetzner EX6S rootserver