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buy me a pint!

Buy me a coffee or pint of beer.

who am i? who i am?

"be the person who your dog thinks you are"

"be good to your friends, family, and neighbors. be good to their friends, family, and neighbors. if they're doing good, YOU'RE doing good." -myself

"be such a good spirited mountain of a man, that nobody can escape the avalanche of the love you render upon yourself." -myself

i started to use gentoo/funtoo because of nasdaq, and being an astronomical math genius, as well as financial genius. im absurd, childish, and extremely manipulative... it's my way of coping with the pain of life. im a workaholic depressed with the state of the world, and doing my best to raise the human condition. i am formerly known as three sixes, because the 6th element is the foundation of LIFE! im a big fan of nature, and the pbs npr blonde chicks.

where do i come from?

my mom was a navy medic. my dad was a christmas tree farmer. im the youngest of 4 children, with 3 older sisters. my birthday is 2/3/1984 febuary third 1984. 3136 109th ave. allegan michigan was my walden pond. im a staunch libertarian, you do you, so long as you're not infringing upon the liberty of others. im a staunch anti constitutionalist, because the declaration of independence is the law of the land and do not believe in serving two masters. like alex jones says the answer to 1984 is 1776.