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Funtoo Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines

This page is tracking all efforts to automate different internal and communicate driven Funtoo processes leveraging the Funtoo Mottainai CI/CD System.

Funtoo LiveCD

Funtoo user User:Coffnix is developing an awesome new Funtoo LiveCD. Right now the process to build and publish this LiveCD is entirely manual.

The goal here is to extensively document the current build process and then engineer a Funtoo Mottainai CI/CD pipeline to automate the building and publishing of Funtoo LiveCDs.

Build Process

Detailed in the linked doc are the exact technical step by step manual processes to build an Area31 Funtoo LiveCD:

Mottainai CI/CD Pipeline

Install Process

The current recommended install process on Funtoo Linux of a new Area31 Funtoo LiveCD is using a tool called Ventoy, a tool to create multi-bootable USB drive.

Ventoy is not currently in the Funtoo Portage tree, but there is a Funtoo Bug tracking adding Ventoy as a Funtoo Autogen here: FL-9808

Here is the current process to use the new Area31 Funtoo LiveCD:

  1. Download the Ventoy tarball for Linux from the Ventoy latest GitHub Release
  2. Extract the tarball locally
  3. Open up a terminal emulator and change into the directory of the extract Ventoy tarball and run:
root # cd ventoy-1.0.74/
root # ./
  Ventoy Server 1.0.74 is running ...
  Please open your browser and visit

root ################## Press Ctrl + C to exit #####################
  • This will start a small web service. Open a web browser to this local address:
  • Chose the USB device you want to format.
  • Chose GPT partition table and any other options for your system.
  • When ready click the Install button, if you already have Ventoy installed on the drive git the Update button.

After the installation is complete, the USB drive will be divided into 2 partitions. The 1st partition was formatted with exFAT filesystem.

  • Locally mount your USB drive's first partition to a temporary directory like /mnt/usb
root # mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb
FUSE exfat 1.3.0
  • Once mounted, copy the downloaded Area31 Funtoo LiveCD ISO into that mounted partition

You can place the iso/wim/img/vhd(x) files any where. Ventoy will search all the directories and subdirectories recursively to find all the image files and list them in the boot menu alphabetically.

root # cp -v ~/Downloads/funtoo-livecd-*.iso /mnt/usb && sync
  • Once the ISO files have synced to the Ventoy partition, safely umount

The USB Drive is now bootable with a Funtoo LiveCD and ready to be used!

Published Funtoo LiveCD Artifacts

Below is a list of currently manual published Area 31 Funtoo Live CDs for easy download and historical reference: