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Windows Subsystem for Linux

WSL 2 is only available in Windows 10 builds 18917 or higher, upgrade to a WSL 2 compatible version:

In the Windows search box search for "turn windows features on or off"

scroll down and tick:

  • virtual machine platform
  • windows subsystem for linux

install the WSL 2 kernel from this link

  • Try to use your computers specific subarch stage3:

  • if you're running 64 bit windows, and unsure about your subarch you can use this stage3:

  • use 7zip to convert the .tar.xz to .tar:

  • search for power shell, right click it's icon and select run as administrator:
root # wsl.exe --import "funtoo" "C:\funtoo" "C:\Users\$MYUSER\Downloads\gnome-stage3-amd64-piledriver-1.4-release-std-2020-12-16.tar" --version 2
root # wsl -d funtoo

you are now running funtoo under windows.

root # ego sync
root # emerge -C debian-sources
root # emerge -avuND @world

wsl behaves similar to a chroot instance regarding init.

root # mkdir /run/openrc
root # touch /run/openrc/softlevel
root # rc
  • gwsl in the microsoft store can run graphical applications that are installed.

Xming uses ssh x11 forwarding to render x11 under windows:


  • in powershell:
root # wsl.exe --unregister funtoo