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ZFS-related ebuilds* up to version are being unmasked for funtoo-current builds on amd64 hardware (arch profiles 'x86-64bit' and 'pure64'). Newer versions introduce bug fixes, support for newer kernels, and in some instances, introduce new storage pool features.

ebuilds sys-fs/zfs, sys-fs/zfs-kmod and sys-kernel/spl

How you have chosen to use of ZFS on Funtoo Linux will determine the steps required for you to upgrade.


As best practice, it is strongly recommended that all users backup their data on a regular basis - irrespective of the file system being used. This could be particularly important should something go inadvertently wrong while modifying or updating a live file system.

Funtoo installed on non-ZFS file system


work in progress

If Funtoo is installed on a different file system - for example ext4 - upgrading ZFS version is relatively straightforward. In other words, your root ZFS Update/ file system resides on a non-ZFS file system, while ZFS storage pools are used for a 'secondary purpose': for example, /home.


Funtoo installed on ZFS Root


work in progress

1) Funtoo on ZFS root with GRUB bootloader

Identify existing ZFS version


If upgrading from ZFS or newer


If upgrading from ZFS 0.6.3.x or older


zpool status

zpool upgrade -v

2) Funtoo on ZFS root with non-GRUB bootloader

(e.g. UEFI) Details...