ZFS Update

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ZFS-related ebuilds* up to version are being unmasked for funtoo-current builds on amd64 hardware (arch profiles 'x86-64bit' and 'pure64'). Newer versions introduce bug fixes, support for newer kernels, and in some instances, introduce new storage pool features.

ebuilds sys-fs/zfs, sys-fs/zfs-kmod and sys-kernel/spl


As best practice, it is strongly recommended that all users backup their data on a regular basis - irrespective of the file system being used. This could be particularly important should something go inadvertently wrong while modifying or updating a live file system.

Funtoo installed on ZFS Root with GRUB


work in progress

(Optional) Update GRUB?

review installed GRUB > recommend to update first if old version (new sys-boot/grub has better zfs support)

Identify existing ZFS version


If upgrading from ZFS or newer

Normal upgrade

  • Merge new zfs
  • Update initramfs
  • grub-mkconfig
  • reboot

If upgrading from ZFS 0.6.3.x or older


  • as above
  • warning about features
  • zpool status, zpool upgrade rpool