Forked Ebuilds


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This is the list of ebuilds we have forked so far by alphabetical name (if you are looking for the ebuilds specific to Funtoo, please refer there):

Ebuild Version Changes/Notes TODO
app-arch/tar TBC forked tar, tar-1.24 version has device nodes creation bugs, stage3 affected tar-1.25 is masked for testing
app-portage/eix 0.22.8-r1 Removal of all options triggering an rsync to a remote portage tree. Update the manual pages.
app-shells/bash 4.1_p10 Has funtoo patch to document use of /etc/bash/bashrc QA: Impact on manual pages?
dev-lang/perl 5.12.3 rev-bump coming from the Gentoo side, no changes. See for deps with libperl (2011-04-17)
dev-lang/python TBC Enable default python if none, fixes metro, and for 2.* series, create /usr/bin/python if it does not exist. Nothing
dev-lang/python 2.7.1-r3 Rework of -r2. Changed some steps at deployment phase (as suggested in Gentoo bug #374579), that revision corrects an issue with regard to the DLFCN module (not being found with Linux 3.x kernel series). Nothing
media-libs/libsdl TBC Added use flags to enable alsa-shared and pulseaudio-shared. Gentoo bug #310793 Try to get gentoo to fix
media-sound/jack TBC Added new revision with fix for Gentoo bug #298850 Try to get gentoo to fix
net-misc/dhcpcd TBC Provide "net" removed to prevent dhcpcd from starting automatically. Initscript no longer references net.lo. Nothing
net-wireless/iwl5000-ucode Forked to a new version not in Gentoo. This version checks the kernel revision in /usr/src/linux and dies if it is < 2.6.38 and add a dependency on sys-kernel/gentoo-sources >= 2.6.38. Nothing
net-misc/curl 7.22.0-r1 Changes from 7.22.0 are a set of patches in src_compile() not applied in the case of a sparc64 environment to allow the package to be properly built. Nothing
sci-geosciences/googleearth Exact same ebuild as found in Gentoo at same revision but includes an explicit depedency to >=sys-lib/glibc-2.12 (not present in Funtoo yet) Bring in >=sys-lib/glibc-2.12 :)
sci-libs/blas-atlas TBC Add missing dependency on sys-devel/gcc[fortran] Gentoo working on fix
sci-libs/blas-reference TBC Add missing dependency on sys-devel/gcc[fortran] Gentoo working on fix
sys-apps/sandbox 2.3 forked to have control over masking and metro building procedures new sandbox-2.5
sys-apps/gptfdisk 0.6.13 improved ebuild, fixes in logical sector sizes Nothing
sys-apps/tcp-wrappers 7.6-r9 sys-apps/tcp-wrappers-7.6-r8 + some patches coming from Debian. This releases, most notably, adds several manual pages and support for CIDR. Nothing
sys-block/iscsitarget (i.e. ietd) Matches the trunk at revision 481+a (legacy) minor patch with regards to GCC 3.x Nothing
sys-block/iscsitarget (i.e. ietd) 9999 Clean up of what is on Gentoo side. Could fail on some kernels versions. As of August 2011, please use sys-block/iscsitarget- instead. Nothing
sys-fs/lvm2 TBC TBC Nothing
sys-kernel/genkernel Multiple changes - doesn't build LVM internally (uses Funtoo static version), supports external build directories, includes Sabayon patches, toolchain improvements N/A
sys-libs/glibc 2.11.2-r2 Funtoo's glibc 2.11.2-r2 is equivalent to Gentoo's 2.11.2-r3, and contains a patch for GLSA 201011-01, so all Funtoo systems are fully patched even though they may at first appear to not be due to -r differences. Nothing
virtual/package-manager TBC Remove paludis and pkgcore. Not usable on funtoo yet Nothing