Daniel Robbins


I am the creator of the Gentoo Linux and Funtoo Linux operating systems. Gentoo Linux is used by Google as the foundation of ChromeOS, the operating system that runs on Google's Chromebooks. I'm an experienced architect of large-scale technology efforts, a strong Open Source project leader, a skilled software developer, and an accomplished technical writer.

I have made significant contributions at a number of organizations, including E*TRADE Financial and Microsoft Corporation. I have written many popular articles for IBM developerWorks and Intel Developer Services, and my writing has also appeared in C/C++ Users Journal.


Chief Software Architect/Director, DevOps Lavu, Inc.; Nov 2015 - Present

Architect of Lavu iOS and back-end service stabilization efforts and next-generation cloud-based initiatives. Stabilized legacy production infrastructure. Designed, deployed and implemented new container-based compute and database cluster infrastructure and tooling (written in Python) and directed migration efforts. Designed and implemented scale-out architecture and core technologies: Python-based AWS services based upon encrypted ZeroMQ, PHP Microservice Framework and ZeroMQ bridge. Developed git workflow and specialized automated release tooling. Managed production back-end git releases. Reviewed technical hires and mentored technical staff. Implemented DevOps best practices and directed DevOps team.

Chief Architect, Funtoo Solutions, Inc.; Jan 2014 - Present

Funtoo Solutions is a technology consultancy, focusing on software architecture and Python and MediaWiki extension development. Funtoo Solutions delivers wiki-enabled solutions in partnership with WikiWorks, and has developed Web-based solutions for variety of industries using technologies such as: PHP, Python, Node.js, Javascript, ZeroMQ and others. Expertise in all aspects of solutions implementation, from bare metal deployment to extremely efficient container-based systems, highly optimized software stacks and scalable architectures. Maintainer of several wikis for clients such as IEEE.

Benevolent Dictator for Life, Funtoo Linux; Albuquerque, NM - 2006 to Present

Created Funtoo Linux, an advanced Gentoo Linux variant. Implemented all core Funtoo technologies including Metro automated build system, automated git-based merge process, boot-update unified boot loader management system, and others. Created vibrant and fun online community.

Open Source Strategy Lead, Zenoss, Inc.; Austin, TX - Dec 2011 - Jan 2014

Led Open Source efforts, including Zenoss Core architecture, community management and Open Source release coordination. Architected new community infrastructure based on Semantic MediaWiki. Created authoritative online catalog of all community ZenPacks. Created auto-build system for ZenPacks. Advised Zenoss on Open Source and licensing issues and advanced Open Source initiatives throughout the company.

Senior Network and Application Performance Engineer, OPNET; Albuquerque, NM - Aug 2009 - Dec 2011

Part of OPNET's Professional Services division. Sole developer and architect of an advanced, visual browser-based datacenter facilities and capacity management system for a large government agency with 1500+ servers and datacenters in multiple US locations. Integrated server utilization data from multiple sources. Delivered advanced reporting, planning and analysis capabilities to the organization.

Senior Principal, E*TRADE Financial; Menlo Park, CA (remote) - Aug 2007 to June 2009

Primary architect of E*TRADE’s virtualization strategy for development and production-focused workloads. Performed applied research and development related to virtual container build automation, high-performance virtualization and Open Source collaborative efforts. Participation in E*TRADE’s architectural review and standards development process.

Vice President, Engineering, FSMLabs, Inc.; Socorro, NM - 2006 - 2007

Architected the 5.0 release of FSMLabs RTLinuxPro hard real-time OS development kit with support for x86, x86-64, PowerPC, MIPS and ARM architectures. Designed a modern package management system for managing the FSMLabs user-space application stack, and updated cross-compiler tool chain. Created RTLinuxPro for Windows virtual machine runtime. Integrated open source RTSP/RTP streaming media (MPEG-2/4) stack into RTLinuxPro.

Chief Technology Officer, ABC Coding Solutions; Albuquerque, NM - Jan 2006 - July 2006

Architected, developed, and deployed a HIPAA-compliant Web-based medical billing application featuring support for CPT, HCPCS and the proposed ABC procedure code set. Performed extensive SQL Server 2000 to 2005 data migration work. Architected an encrypted XML-based data storage layer in C#/ASP.NET 2.0. Designed suite of ASP.NET 2.0 controls to utilize XML-based encrypted data storage layer. Integrated AJAX functionality into Web application and hardened application prior to deployment.

Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation; Redmond, WA - 2005 to 2006

Responsible for contributing to Microsoft’s Open Source/Shared Source strategy and overseeing the daily operations of Microsoft’s Linux lab. Technical responsibilities included overseeing competitive analysis and technical tear-downs, Linux/Windows interoperability testing, and intra-Microsoft educational efforts.

Contributed to Microsoft’s Shared Source licensing strategy. Tracked emerging Open Source trends and projects. Gained wide exposure to Microsoft technologies including Microsoft .NET, Windows Vista and Windows Vista device driver development. Met one-on-one with various technical luminaries throughout the company.

Chief Architect, Gentoo Linux; Albuquerque, NM - 1999 to 2005

Project Creator, Chief Architect and Project Lead of large, distributed international Gentoo development team. Architected all core Gentoo Linux technologies and tools including Portage, Gentoo’s dependency-based system initialization scripts, and catalyst, Gentoo's high-level automated release-building tool. Directed Gentoo Linux releases and all technology development. Authored all original Gentoo Linux documentation and designed XML/XSLT-based Web site. Designed all Gentoo artwork and logos. Established not-for-profit Gentoo Foundation, Inc. to serve as a container for all Gentoo Linux IP.

Regular Columnist, IBM developerWorks, 2000 to 2003

Author of critically acclaimed Linux and Unix-related technical articles geared towards developers and IT professionals.