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Dallas, Texas, United States of America (32° 46' 48", -96° 48' 2")

Used Gentoo Linux from November 2004 to November 22, 2012.

Started my own Fiordland builds of Gentoo when stage1 became no longer supported install method in early 2005. I also wrote 3 stage1 install guides using my method, mostly updates, the last one a shell script that performed my method automatically.

I dropped support for my guides in late 2010 when I started using Metro to build my own custom stage3s. I setup my own mirror of the gentoo portage tree on Github as Fiordland. I used that until November 22, 2012 when I update my local metro and lost the ability to build gentoo stages.

I deleted my gentoo mirrior and forked the funtoo prorts-2012 and set up my fiordland branch on it. Late December, 2012 I setup the fiordland-experimental branch as a play ground for further experimentation.