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Chimayo, NM, United States of America (36° 2' 24", -105° 48' 46")

I’ve been an active user of Gentoo since Daniel’s IBM DeveloperWorks articles were published back in 2000. Technically, that was in the 20th Century. Wow. In 2006, I switched to Macintosh for my workstations and haven’t gone back to Linux as a primary machine since. However, I was a heavy user of Gentoo Prefix on Mac OS X for a couple of years.

Linux is a great way to learn about systems design, and my experiments focus on early userspace, Trusted Boot, remote attestation, and filesystem security.

I've been a heavy user of the ZFS Filesystem since 2006. I've also dug into FreeBSD’s GEOM architecture… but it’s been a while. And while my current ZFS file server is using Solaris Express 11, ZFS on Linux now supports zpool version 28, and I will be moving to an all-Linux backend. Yay.

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