Additional Kernel Resources

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Additional Kernel Resources


With Funtoo, OpenRC loads modules from /etc/conf.d/modules using the line:

modules_2_6="list of modules"

With Funtoo, define module arguments as follows:

module_module-name_args_2_6="module arg=value"

Other resources of interest related to compiling kernels:

If you prefer to manually configure and compile a kernel from source code directly, keep these things in mind:

  • You are touching the very low level aspects of a system, it is absolutely normal to have difficulties in properly setting up a kernel (in fact, configuring a Linux Kernel could be considered a bit of an art)
  • Take your time to investigate, it is a great occasion to Google a bit for some unknown notions (e.g. What is an I2C bus ? Hey, what is token ring ? What is a kernel module?).
  • When your first kernel configuration is done, you can reuse it as a basis of configuration
  • In case of doubt, keep the suggested defaults
  • If you want your system to boot, and your are not using an initrd, you'll need to build all boot-related filesystems and drivers into the kernel directly rather than as modules.