Creating Your Own Overlay

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This page intends to get your local overlay going, show how to revision bump a package, and sync your goodies to github.


page is incomplete, yell @ Threesixes (talk) in irc to finish it. moving it over from forums because it's completely unreadable there.

root #mkdir /var/overlay

Change the /var/overlay user and group to your own, everyone has the root user, and root group, so we'll use root for the example, though it should be changed to the primary unprivileged account used to edit the ebuilds. Clone the skeleton from github

root # chown root:root /var/overlay && cd /var/overlay
git clone local

add to make.conf

   /etc/portage/make.conf - Insert the local overlay

Insert portage structure category & package directories. For example i want to fix compiz fusion to include an old ebuild of the 0.8.8 series, i would mkdir -p /var/overlay/local/x11-wm/compiz-fusion then copy the ebuild i found online to the directory. /var/overlay/local/x11-wm/compiz-fusion/compiz-fusion-0.8.8.ebuild is where the ebuild would sit.

root # mkdir -p /var/overlay/local/cat-egory/package
root # mv package.ebuild /var/overlay/local/cat-egory/package/package.ebuild


below not finished

mv Manifest /home/overlays/local/cat-egory/package/ cp package-version.ebuild package-newversion.ebuild wget package-newversion.tar.gz -O /usr/portage/distfiles/package-newversion.tar.bz2 ebuild *.ebuild manifest

to git up your repository to push to github: make ssh keys and upload them to github or else entering your password will get very old very quick. cd /home/overlays/local git init git add . git commit -m 'First commit' git remote add origin git remote set-url origin git remote -v git push origin master

  1. subsequent updates

git add . && git commit -m 'updates' && git push origin master