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Funtoo Experimental is where we test bleeding-edge stuff. Don't use experimental unless you are helping us test new features.


experimental tree perodically stopped and not getting updates. Current status is stopped


Future plans:

  • funtoo profile integration
  • udev and friends bump


The Funtoo experimental branch is used by Funtoo Core Developers to try and test new features to be included in Funtoo stable and current branches when ready. Users that want to help the developers test those new features are welcome to switch to the experimental branch and report problems on IRC or the forum. However, problems may arise from using it and there is no guarantee that your system will stay usable.

Upgrading an existing Funtoo installation to experimental

# rm -rf /usr/portage

Add the following line (or modify it if it's already there):

# nano -w /etc/make.conf

First method

# emerge --sync      

Verify that the experimental tree has been properly installed:

# cat /usr/portage/.git/config
[remote "origin"]
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
	url = git://github.com/funtoo/experimental-mini-2011.git

You should see that the git repository is pointing to experimental-mini-2011.git.

If for any reason this method did not work, use the second method to manually clone the experimental branch.

Second method

# rm -rf /usr/portage
# cd /usr
# git clone git://github.com/funtoo/experimental-2014.git portage
# emerge --sync

Installation from an experimental branch stage3

You can find some stage3s on the Funtoo mirror: [1]. These stages are updated weekly, possibly more often during active experimental development.

Building stage3s using Metro

You may build your own stages of the experimental branch using Metro. The stages from the Funtoo mirror ([2]) can be used as a seed. A funtoo-experimental target is available.



This section is in need of updates.

Iteration 1 (Completed Dec 16, 2011)

Implementation and stabilization of a new set of toolchain packages:

  • gcc-4.6.2
  • binutils-2.21-r1
  • linux-headers-2.6.39
  • glibc-2.13-r4
  • udev-171-r1
  • patched lvm2-2.02.85
  • Several patches to solve problems building with this toolchain

And some other features:

  • Portage Dynamic Slot
  • Modifications of Mesa, libdrm and radeon drivers to support each type of Radeon video card individually, as well as masked -9999 versions of those packages.