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{{FAQ |question=What are FunKits? |answer=The best way to answer this question is checking FunKit's own FAQ! :D

Funkit Toys is the result of years of study and practice in various fields. Using what I've learned through studying graphic design (14 years), sculpting (9), sex education (6), color theory (10), sexual anatomy (horny teenager), material safety (12), 3D modeling 17), moldmaking (4), woodworking (boy scout), and a lot of reading and listening to sexuality educators who know better, the goal of Funkit Toys (4 years) is to connect the pieces I've gathered together to craft new and unique toys and experiences to share with the world.

Kenton is a queer, classically trained chef and certified sexuality educator who sold his soul into making sex toys for a living. He makes wood and acrylic paddles, silicone, steel, and glass toys, and puts "Fucksmith" on his business cards.