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Luet 0.29.1 is a minor release which was released on 05 September 2022.


In this release continues the path to review and rewrite the tool:

  • rewritten the integration with the library viper/cobra to reduce complexity and cleanup the code. I hope that this resolve the annoying issue that sometime happens where on starting the binary its exit with errors probably for a race on setup correctly the bootstrap phase
  • rewritten the `luet uninstall` command. In particular, dropped the options `--full` and `--full-clean` and now the uninstall command recursively resolves the reverse dependencies tree and to propose uninstall of all packages directly related with the selected packages.
  • `luet uninstall` now support uninstall finalizer! This could be implemented with the definition of the `uninstall` section inside the finalizer.yaml.

Here an example:

We will starting the review of the core engine related to the install/reinstall of the packages in the next phases.

NOTE: Users with an old installation could see a weird behavior on upgrade luet when the database Boltdb is old. This happens because I changed the indexes of the database. I will create soon a command to rewrite and backup the luet database and to permit the rewrite of the database indexes. What happens is that after the upgrade the command `luet upgrade` presents again the packages just upgraded. This is the workaround:

macaroni # luet miner d <pkg1> ... <pkgN>
macaroni # luet miner rm <pkg1> ... <pkgN>
macaroni # luet miner ri <pkg1> ... <pkgN>

where pkg1-pkgN are all packages upgrade. This will fix the index of the upgraded packages and the issue for that package for all next upgrade.

For this reason this release is considered for testing or for expert users and not elected yet as stable release.