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Metatools 1.3.2 is a regular release which was released on 29 June 2023.


This is a maintenance/general update release.

  • FL-11382: For Artifact, throw exceptions when fetch(), ensure_fetched(), ensure_completed() fail. If throw=False specified for ensure_fetched() then this behavior is disabled and None is returned on fetch failure.
  • Add additional debugging for http_fetch if we get a 304 response and are not expecting it. In this case, log detailed header information so we can troubleshoot it. This may be an infrequently-occurring bug that still needs to be fixed. We should only get a 304 if we specify If-None-Match or If-Modified-Since.
  • Small fix to allow Funtoo to only have one Python implementation as up until now it has had two (2.7 and 3.7 in 1.4-release, and 3.7 and 3.9 in next-release. We are now moving to just 3.9 in next.)
  • Add a blos-check tool to scan the Integrity Database (this is the thing that maps a distfile name to a specific binary object in the Base Layer Object Store, or BLOS) to look for any missing binary objects. This is not really needed but sometimes when I am debugging our stores, I need to run this for due diligence. It hasn't found any issues yet.
  • Add ``distfile-kit-fetch`` tool which you would run on the system you ran merge-kits on. It will try to grab all the non-autogenned distfiles and download all it can, ultra-fast-spider style, and store them locally in the BLOS. It is used like this: distfile-kit-fetch <release> <kit> <branch-of-kit> It will use the kit-cache data from a previous merge-kits run. This kit-cache data is stored in ~/repo_tmp/tmp/kit_cache. This tool also will make sure it has a locally-checked out kit-fixups repo in ~/repo_tmp/source-trees/kit-fixups and will utilize the thirdpartymirrors file located at core-kit/curated/profiles/thirdpartymirrors to expand any mirror:// prefixes in ebuild SRC_URI strings. Additional work has been done on this tool to make it production-quality. For example, it won't stop running when it encounters a file download that errors out -- instead it will be greedy and try to keep downloading as many distfiles as it can.
  • Support for archive verification of .tar files (no compression, and we do see these sometimes.)
  • Add missing ``await`` for initializing kit-fixups repo in AutogenConfig initialization which should fix a potential race condition.