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Funtoo Linux stage tarballs are signed using GPG by the build server they are built on. Each official Funtoo Linux build server has its own individual key, which can be identified by the GPG comment field. The following keys are used to create detached binary signatures ending in .gpg of each stage tarball. All keys are 4096 bit RSA with no expiry.

GPG key name/emailGPG commentFingerprintUsed for
Daniel Robbins drobbins@funtoo.orgmetro:node3073 7D12 308C 9D0C 882F C34B 57CB 0A12 1BAE CB2E (Sign)
70AC BB6B FEE7 BC57 2A89 41D1 9266 C4FA 11FD 00FD (Primary)
Generic and Intel builds
Daniel Robbins drobbins@funtoo.orgmetro:excavator3C56 18FB C28A B2FE 90C8 B9EB E510 18CD 4FF3 47DD (Sign)
E8C5 7481 5DC1 74AF 5A9E 8385 3AA5 CA5E 683A 2F8A (Primary)
Most AMD builds
Daniel Robbins drobbins@funtoo.orgmetro:jaguar99AA ADED 1466 1BEF DC37 DE1B 7ABA 2235 4849 211D (Sign)
6DDA E857 2788 8A7C A50E 2122 A902 1CE4 BEA8 7CD2 (Primary)
AMD Jaguar builds
Daniel Robbins drobbins@funtoo.orgmetro:odroid-xu44279 FBF8 FACC 261A 4F34 A486 4F88 3A02 6135 39CB (Sign)
38E8 4AD5 3B01 590B A678 5E88 2A7B 0B2E EEE5 4A43 (Primary)
ARM 32-bit builds

In turn, these public keys are signed by the Funtoo Linux master signing key:

GPG key name/emailGPG commentFingerprint
Daniel Robbins drobbins@funtoo.orgBDFLD3B9 48F8 2EE8 B402 0A04 1078 9A65 8306 E986 E8EE

To verify the integrity of stage3 tarballs using GPG, first download your preferred stage3 taball, and the matching file with the additional .gpg extension in the same directory. Then, you will want to use the gpg --recv-key command, specifying the the last 8 digits of the primary key fingerprint listed above for each build server for which you want to verify signatures, for example:

root # gpg --recv-key 11FD00FD
root # gpg --recv-key 683A2F8A
root # gpg --recv-key BEA87CD2

Then, you can use the gpg --verify command to verify the signature:

root # gpg --verify stage3-latest.tar.xz.gpg stage3-latest.tar.xz

You should see output similar to this, which will specify the signing GPG key ID:

gpg: Signature made Sat 10 Dec 2016 08:46:41 PM MST using RSA key ID 4FF347DD
gpg: Good signature from "Daniel Robbins (metro:excavator) <>" [ultimate]