Gentoo Minimal Installation CD

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The Gentoo Minimal Installation CD is a bootable CD/USB image that can be used to install Funtoo Linux. It can be downloaded from

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of the Gentoo Minimal Installation CD are:

  1. It's small, so it can quickly be downloaded.
  2. It uses GRUB 2.04 to boot, which supports the most modern UEFI systems.
  3. It's based on Gentoo -- always good :)
  4. It uses a modern kernel so should support recent hardware.

Some possible downsides for this image are:

  1. Since it's small, not much is included.
  2. You are left with wpa-supplicant for configuring WiFi (This is not difficult if you know how and we'll cover the steps, but is more complicated than using NetworkManager.)