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Fancy Boxes

TODO: Describe fancy* boxes, and explain the most fool-proof way of using them. Use this format, exactly:


Now you can put lots of funky stuff in here, like html tags, etc, and not have a problem with the parameter getting passed as the first parameter.


ebuild documentation

i think the first part should have a link to adding the build wiki info. the pages should be linked against each other. & or transclusion at the bottom of this help article. (and a very minor note that the file stuff should be bundled into the fancy notes at the bottom.) =D <3 u guys

Special Characters

To produce pipes:


generates: |

(i think equals needs a similar template?)

delete template

to flag a page as a candidate for deletion, insert


at the top of a page.


This page has been proposed for deletion because it does not meet the Editing Guidelines.
If you disagree, please discuss it here.

Threesixes (talk) 16:54, 20 September 2014 (UTC)

Minor edits ?

Should we use the checkbox "This is a minor edit" and when should we use it ? I often forget to set this option when I make what I consider a "minor edit", but what is the purpose? Is it somehow useful? -- Pytony (talk)