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Metro is the Funtoo Linux automated build system, and is used to build Funtoo Linux stage tarballs.
Source Code:


The recommended and supported method is to use the Git repository of Metro.

Ensure that dev-vcs/git, dev-python/requests, dev-python/sqlalchemy and dev-python/lxml are installed on your system.

root # emerge dev-vcs/git dev-python/requests dev-python/sqlalchemy dev-python/lxml

Next, clone the master git repository as follows:

root # cd /root
root # git clone git://
root # cp /root/metro/metro.conf ~/.metro

You will now have a directory called /root/metro that contains all the Metro source code.

Setting up ego

Now, we will set the ego, administration tool of Funtoo Linux. The way it is used with metro is independent from app-admin/ego installed on your box. Setup is easy as follows:

root # cd /root
root # git clone

This way you will have /root/ego directory with ego binary that is then used by metro.

Metro is now installed. It's time to customize it for your local system.

You may wish to use the new autosetup script which uses a curses based menu and allows for quickly setting up and running builds base on your choices without requiring any manual steps. Please see the Metro AutoSetup page for more details.