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Kits are Go (Switch to Them!)

Kits are now the official way we do things at Funtoo.

By Drobbins / July 31, 2017

Ports-2012 is no longer receiving updates, so all users should switch to using kits. Instructions on how to do so are at .

As we maintain kits, there will be times that some dependencies may be out of sync. The approach we want to use for these situations is for you report bugs for each situation at As time goes on, we will curate each kit in such a way to minimize such issues, and be able to track the inter-dependencies between kits. Our kit technology gives us a lot of opportunity to fix things. We can:

  1. move a catpkg (ebuild) from one kit to another if it seems like it's not in the right kit
  2. create a new kit containing various ebuilds
  3. create a new prime or other branch for a kit
  4. create new capabilities in our merge scripts to detect dependency failures
  5. set up a team to curate a kit to ensure it is always working very well

So, there is plenty of opportunity available for us to make things work better and better. Report any bugs so we have that chance! Thanks.