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Awesome (Window Manager)


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About Awesome

Awesome is a highly configurable window manager. It handles both tiling and floating layouts. You can go into a fine-grained customization to suit your needs with Lua scripting.


A physical monitor plugged into your computer.
A window.
A tag is something like a workspace or a desktop that you may find in other window managers. However, it is slightly more flexible as you can attach a client to multiple tags. Moreover, each screen has its own range of tags.

USE flags

Name Description
dbus Enables awesome to receive signals from dbus (eg. to trigger events on hotplug)
doc Includes extra HTML documentation (using doxygen)
gnome Enables you to use awesome as gnome's window manager (See. Quickly Setting up Awesome with Gnome)


Just emerge it :

root # emerge -a awesome

Then you can add this line to you ~/.xinitrc:

   ~/.xinitrc exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session awesome

And run xinit to launch awesome. You can also configure a display manager instead, but this is not covered in this document.