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This is the Debian kernel. It is roughly equal to a kernel shipped by Debian Linux in their releases. Ebuild now support the binary USE flag. The aim of this ebuild is to have support for near all possible hardware and users shouldn't really dig into configs, aka "install and forget". Daniel has added a special config-extract command which can be used to list all available official Debian kernel configurations, and generate them from the Debian files included with the kernel.


root # echo "sys-kernel/debian-sources binary" >> /etc/portage/package.use
root # emerge debian-sources
root # nano -w /etc/boot.conf
root # boot-update

debian-sources with binary USE flag also automatically installing a /usr/src/linux symlink pointing to debian kernel.

Advanced use

Additional information about using config-extract tool and genkernel tips can be found here: Funtoo_Linux_Kernels#Using_Debian-Sources_with_Genkernel