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Slim is a simple, easy to configure, light weight display manager.

Initial Setup and Installation

Emerge SLiM

SLiM can be installed by simply

root # emerge -a x11-misc/slim

It's necessary to put x11-misc because there is another package by the same name, and portage wants to know which you actually wish to install. The -a option stands for --ask, and portage will wait for a Y or N entry from you. You may leave this step out, as SLiM usually installs only itself and no other dependent packages.



Session Selection

At the login prompt press F1 to toggle through available sessions.

Editing Files

You must have root access to edit these configuration files. Most of the configuration file is pretty simple to understand, and is well commented. If you're unsure what a feature does, it should be briefly explained in the comments above that particular command. Here are some useful edits to make after emerging SLiM.

Auto Name Entry

This will start SLiM with your username already in the field. This is turned off by default. You'll need to uncomment the line (delete the #) and change the username to whatever you like.

default_user        root

Auto Login

This will automatically log you in, without a password needed. You will still be able to switch users if you need to log out.

auto_login          yes

Customizing the theme

The fastest way to get going with customization is to match the wallpaper with your selected desktop wallpaper! This provides a slick transition from SLiM into your window manager or desktop environment.

To share a wallpaper between SLiM and your desktop, rename the used theme background, then create a link from your desktop wallpaper file to the default SLiM theme:

root # mv /usr/share/slim/themes/default/background.jpg{,.bck} 
root # ln -s /path/to/mywallpaper.jpg /usr/share/slim/themes/default/background.jpg

That first command changes the current background file's extension (.jpg in this case) to .bak. SLiM won't know how to read a ,bak file. The second command make a symbolic link (the -s option) from the wallpaper you have in your directory to the place SLiM looks for a background! You could also try a .png if you have that type of file.